Georgian Association of Disaster & Critical Care Medicine

Georgian Association of Disaster & Critical Care Medicine was founded in 1990 year registration was done in Georgian ministry of justice it was the first registered professional union in the post soviet union area. Before that the members of association were actively involved in providing medical aid during Tbilisi nine April tragedy, Spitak earthquake results liquidation and took part in the war for keeping Georgian territory integrity in Abkhazia and Ossetia in evacuation of citizens of Georgian (Refugees) form Abkhazia by using Svaneti roads. The main aim for association is development of Catastrophe and Critical Care Medicine in Georgia. By this means association tries to prepare high qualification doctors and nurses stuff in Catastrophe & Critical Care Medicine in Georgia. By leading organization of association by Critical Care Medicine Institute were developed doctor certification tests, resident education system and were researched treatment standards and protocols in critical care medicine area. For today in Georgia was researched exclusive model that is different from other countries same medicine services namely difference is in divorce of critical care medicine form anesthesiology and representing it as independent medicine specialty. This is three year independent education course in critical care medicine the graduates of this course are passing independent certification exams in mentioned medical specialty. This is cheap and easy to use treatment standards and protocols that provide same treatment results by using 10 times less resources. With this in Georgia Critical Care Medicine doctor guides by itself the all routines of treatment process of the patient defer then other countries doctors that give more time to manage treatment process. Association unites the most of doctors that work in Critical Care Medicine field till today has been held seven national conferences and six international symposiums. Association periodical publication is represented by "Critical Care Medicine" that is published in Georgian and English languages. It is reviewed and referenced international level publication. Association has tight connections with United States of America, Russia, German, Japan, Egypt, Ukraine and Israel different countries Catastrophe and Critical Care Medicine leading organizations. Association leader organization is - Critical Care Medicine Institute that from 2009 year is on leading positions in Google search engine in critical care medicine field. Association is a national member of World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine as well as the member of Europeans society of intensive care medicine.

380059, Chachava Street 1, Tbilisi, Gorgia.

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Critical Care Medicine Institute
Main directions of Institute’s activities comprise: training of medical personnel, scientific research, medical practice, and publishing periodicals.