Professional Training

The Institute has the medical faculty which trains the physicians of general profile through a six year course.

The Institute provides Post Graduate training through Residency courses. The Institute is acting as a basis provider of residency courses in Critical Care Medicine for all state programs.

The Institute provides Post Graduate training for junior physician program.

Since 2003 the Institute has introduced the system of Continued Medical Education (CME) for critical care medicine practitioners. CME department provides courses in “New Technologies in Critical Care Medicine” (#0091) and “Critical Care Medicine in the conditions of limited resources” (#00353). Currently 238 physicians have completed these programs.

Critical Care Medicine Institute serves as a base for the Department of Critical Care Medicine of the State Medical University of Georgia for both under and post graduate students. Our graduates have successful practices in leading clinics of critical care medicine in Georgia as well as in other countries (USA, Russia, Germany, and Ukraine).

380059, Chachava Street 1, Tbilisi, Gorgia.

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Critical Care Medicine Institute
Main directions of Institute’s activities comprise: training of medical personnel, scientific research, medical practice, and publishing periodicals.